To make a community RABIES-FREE CVO advocates for collective responsibility

“All strategies have been done why there is still
RABIES prevalence in the city?”

Over the years , the Naga City Veterinary Office (CVO) has been in the forefront in prevention and eradication of RABIES disease. The approach in com-bating such disease has been systematic and exceptional. The control ranges from regular massive house to house anti-rabies vaccination, more frequent stray animal catching, castration and heightened in-formation drive covering all schools and barangays. Despite of these valuable and selfless efforts realization be-fell among them which springs from the fact of recurring and prevalence of rabies disease across the city.

Per investigation conducted by the office all stray animals caught were the primary source of circulating transmission . We can not deny the fact that these stray animals originated from nearby municipalities. While we perform utmost diligence coupled with dedication and devotion to fight this disease the CVO urge for collective responsibility.
Pet owners should have regularly subject their pets to anti-rabies vaccination and kept them on leash. The barangay should contemplate on establishing an immediate response as they encounter a stray or rabid dog in their locality. They can opt to put up an impounding center too. Along rabies education, the DepED can incorporate the subject matter in Science curricula to mainstream prevention and promote responsible pet ownership. The DOH has continued provision of vaccines and immunoglobulins. The LGU can legislate systems and protocols in the eradication of disease unifying efforts within the region.

The Anti-Rabies Act of 2007 (RA 9482) deliberately laid down each and every role has to play for a decade now. CVO implore for strong implementation in all local government units. Each should comply with registration, anti-rabies vaccination require-ment , practise stray animal catching, establish an impounding center and popularize surveillance to be more vigilant in resurgence of rabies disease. The possibility of a rabies-free city is not far from reality if all has a mindset of collective responsibility. ©Emily Escueta-Saulon