IPs Safe Motherhood Program

Over the years, Barangay Santa Cruz of Buhi, Camarines (GIDA and IPS area) steadily remain as one with the highest number of home deliveries. Not only that, majority of the pregnant women here came to visit the health center for pre-natal checkup is usually on their second or third trimester of pregnancy. This is one of my major problems since I took the barangay last February 2017.

After being deployed to our respective handled barangays, I begin to track down all pregnant women per zone with the help of my Barangay Health Workers and Community Health Partners and conducted series of health education activities in a form of one on one health education and counseling on safe motherhood with emphasis on the growth and development of the fetus inside the uterus and what are the ways and means to make them healthy all throughout pregnancy. Birth plan was also discussed to ensure that during labor, they will be transported to the health facility for safe delivery. Thus, the number of new pregnant women tracked on their first trimester of pregnancy increased. We are able to track two pregnant women on her first trimester out of five new pregnant women last January, nine out of fifteen pregnant women last February and seven out of thirteen new pregnant women just this march versus the target accomplishment of four new pregnant women tracked every month. The number of cases of home deliveries was also reduced. From zero out of three deliveries last January to one out of five deliveries last February and three out of four deliveries this march.

buhi-2.jpgThis was all made possible because I strictly implemented that all pregnant and other pregnant members of the households of 4P’s and MCCT-IPs should seek pre natal check up on their first trimester of pregnancy and all of them should deliver in any Phil health accredited birthing facility unless otherwise I will mark them non-compliant and they will not receive their cash grant on health unless of course if they have a valid reason why they fail to comply.

I made this decision that all 4P’s and MCCT-IPs member and other members of their household should strictly follow the conditions on health otherwise they will be marked non-compliant, because I have come to realized that health education activities and counseling backed up with strict and religious implementation of the program, collaboration and coordination with barangay officials and other agencies involve, reaching out to them through regular visits per sitio/zone, and making them feel that they are valued and respected increases their health seeking behavior.

“Ako o ang miyembro ng aming sambahayan Na nagdadalantao ay magpapa pre-natal at post-natal checkup sa health center simula sa unang tatlong buwan (trimester) ng pagbubuntis at susundin ang mga tagubilin at kinakailangang serbisyo ayon sa protocol ng Kagawaran ng Pangkalusugan”

— 4P’s and MCCT-IP’s condition on health

Thus, from now on, I am committing myself to be of utmost service to my clienteles. Even if that will mean climbing four mountains, nonstop walking for at least three hours, and disturbing my husband every month to bring with me all the medicines, vitamins, and buhi-3vaccines for them, If that’s the only to reach them and increase their health seeking behavior, I will and I can! Because I love my job and I love what I am doing! Also, I am very grateful that I am part of the NDP program. Because of my job, I am able to help my parents send my younger siblings to college and private secondary school. Now, my younger sister is already on her fourth year in college and soon she will be graduating. That blessing will not all be made possible if I was not chosen to be part of the NDP program. I will be forever grateful and I want to extend my thanks and gratitude to Dr. Arnulfo A. Carandang for choosing me to lead team Buhi, to my former DMO, Ma’am Nersa Bolalin for always being on our side, to Ma’am Jho Batalla for all the coaching and re iterating that all data’s being submitted should be reliable, and to our present DMO, Ma’am Imelda D. Dacanay for being so motherly to us, for coaching and mentoring us, for unleashing the best in us, and of course to the PDO-Camarines Sur, headed by Dr. Rey J. Millena for giving us the opportunity to serve our fellow Buhinons©JHUNNA M. TALANGAN, RN